Circular – November, 2019

31 October, 2019

Dear Parents,

Greetings from Doon Public School

"We believe a rich school experience should include a myriad of opportunities that expand a student's horizon, both in and outside the classroom."

It is rightly said that education is not about scoring good marks. It is always about personal growth. Hence, the best student is not one who gets maximum marks, but the one who learns every day. Education should be practically useful, providing us guidelines on how to live better. Education does not teach us about life, it is Life. That's why Education should not be subject driven. It should impart life skills and chief among them are values.

Here at Doon, we try our best to imbibe core values of life among the students. To know the significance of punctuality, cleanliness, honesty courage, and services is to be truly educated. Once embedded in to their character and instilled in to our students’ personality, they will sparkle in every word they speak and shine through every act they perform. Education doesn’t mean rote learning and appearing for an examination

Doon Public School always considers that the aim of education should be to make one wise. Facts may be forgotten or may change, but wisdom gained from experience is a companion for life. This wisdom comes through skills like judgment, discrimination and analysis. It comes from learning the significance of problem solving, the importance of decision making as well as the need for goal setting. These tools will be an aid to students in every situation the face all through their lives and we are not leaving any stone unturned to make our students to march ahead in every sphere of life. Here is the time when we need the cooperation of the parents to mould the bright career of our students. We are sure that we will be supported by you at every juncture for the good of our students.

As the weather is changing and winter is approaching, the school timings will be changed from 4th November, 2019 which will be from 8.00 am to 2.10 pm. Students are required to come to school in winter school uniform.


  • v  Every month class teacher will make a call to parents once in a month to give the report of child’s class performance and will get feedback. Parents need not require calling any teacher, in case of emergency take an appointment from the school reception & meeting the teacher as per the given time.
  • v  Students will not be allowed to leave in between the school hours, Parents are requested not to send their ward to school when the child is sick. If a child falls ill during school hours School Nurse will call accordingly.
  • v  Parents need to visit the school website and facebook to see and to know the recent updates, activities & students achievement.
  • v  The parents who are not receiving important messages sent by the School App. on their mobiles are requested to contact School technical Assistant for updating their mobile numbers.
  • v  Parents are requested to pay the tuition fee regularly before 10th of every month to avoid fine & inconvenience.
  • v  Second Saturday of every month will be a holiday.
  • v  Last working day of every month will be a holiday for Pre – Primary Students and half day for classes I to X.
  • v  Student of the Week and Student of the Month for every class & section can be seen in our website.
  • v   Admissions to Play group are open for the session 2019-20. You can contact the school office from 8:00 am to 02:00 pm in all working days.


  • v  Saturday , 2nd November , 2019 –Inter House Badminton Competition Boys & Girls
  • v  Monday , 4th November , 2019 – Inter House Kho-Kho Competition
  • v  Tuesday , 5th November , 2019 – Story Telling Competition Pre – Primary
  • v  Tuesday , 5th November , 2019 – Inter House Whiz Kids Competition Std. IV – VII
  • v  Friday , 8th November , 2019 – Inter House English Debate Competition Std. I- V
  • v  Saturday , 9th November , 2019 – Educational Excursion to Kidzania Std. II - V
  • v  Monday, 18th November , 2019 – PT 3 Starts (Std. IX & X) & PT 2 Starts (Std. I – VIII)
  • v  Saturday , 23rd November , 2019 – PT Ends
  • v  Thursday , 28th November , 2019 – Orthopedic Check –up (VIII- X)
  • v  Friday , 29th November , 2019 – Orange Day Pre- Primary
  • v  Saturday , 30th November , 2019 – Inter House Basket Ball Competition


  • Tuesday , 12th November , 2019 – Guru Nanak Jayanti


Some of the important contact points for your reference are:
  • School Contact No’s – 7055000502/04
  • School E-mail –
  • School Website –
  • Regarding fees & Accounts – 7055001276
  • Regarding Transport – 7895535432

You can meet the Principal on Appointment on all working days except Saturdays from 01:00 pm – 03:00 pm or can send your views / suggestions at You will positively get the reply through mail within 48 hours.

With best wishes,

Dr. Priyadarshi Nayak



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